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Panyagal Oh is a multidisciplinary designer with a fashion design background. As a daughter of an aeronautical engineer, she grew up to develop a sense of precision and problem solving. She became a naturally skeptical person fascinated in creating hypothetical situations through use of experimentation. Panyagal leverages this skepticism when designing structural figures. She gathers information to get started, eventually leading her to practice and learn all different aspects of design. This method of thinking has allowed her to be so successful.

When Panyagal got started in Fashion Design during her undergraduate studies, she imagined clothes as though they were a building on a human body. The commitment she made during the conceptual process lead to quintessential designs. She received a BFA in Fashion Design in Thailand, where she was born. After graduation, she was an assistant designer at Greyhound Original, an innovative Thai brand. Afterward, she went abroad to work as the head of the wardrobe department of a foreign film "How to Fight in Six Inch Heels.” Panyagal’s experience working in film production launched her ability to have flawless final designs, as there is no turning back when the camera is rolling. When that came to an end, Panyagal started to work as a freelance designer. She does varied work - most often illustration, photoshoots, art direction, prints and cinematography.

Panyagal decided to turn another page of her life by relocating herself to New York. Since her arrival, she earned certificates in both Fashion New Media and Advanced Perfumery at Pratt Institute where she hold a Masters Degree in Package Design which she earned with a distinction and achieved the school's highest honor.

The significant transition from fashion design to package design was the very first step to achieving her goal of examining the interrelations between the sciences and subjects that surround up. She continues to explore all viewpoints between various contradictions such as ‘Real vs. Ideal’. The insight she has learned result in greater details of a visual and more influential expression. This can reach a larger group of audiences, including different cultures in a variety of situations and environments.

She loves GIFs&internet, sea animals, 80s product designs, and cooking Korean food is her latest obsession!

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Skype: panyagal.c

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Archived works ︎ panyagal.myportfolio.com

Resume upon request.