Lunchables Rebranding


Graphic Design and Art Direction:
Panyagal Cham and Sue Lee

This is a school project in which we were asked to rebrand the existing business. As many people already know, Lunchables has both childish junk food image. Our goal is to surpass the perception of junk food by upgrading the inside and outside of the package therefore strengthening the brand identity. In specific, by eliminating plastic and using coated paper for food packaging, will give a new minimal look.

Currently, Lunchables are only sold by few grocery stores that sell not many items, but this upgraded Lunchables will target the upscale markets. Lunchables not only delivers delicious snack yet it delivers excitement with spirit. It communicates well with both parents and kids in that it reveals an authenticity to parents while it provides extra fun to kids by providing fun games. “There’s creativity, there’s fun, and there is excitement. Lunchables is an enjoyable, innovative, and vibrating snack for kids. It enhances kids’ imagination which provides endless possibilities. It is an everyday snack for everyone. Lunchables always think about new ways to delight children’s taste and keep them happy.”

Not only the color of the brand is a perfect match for Lunchables’ identity, but also the methodology of stacking up crackers adds more playfulness and stacking crackers itself is another fun game while kids eat their snack. To add to what was mentioned before, by using modular shapes for both food packaging and brand identity, it gives more sophisticated look that goes beyond junk food image. Not only being fun and sophisticated, Lunchables adds educational tool kit along with its snack. Every snack box will contain fun facts about multiple locations around the world with their languages. Kids will have an opportunity to learn multi languages and information about the world around them. And it could also bring kids’ imagination as well.

Last but not least, Lunchables also care about the cost by changing the packaging system. Packaging system has enhanced from the original packaging by changing the graphics that can be changed easily. Also, carton structure is set by single dieline which lessens the cost of transportation because it is minimizing everything. This could then save space when products are placed in market/store shelves. “How we eat is how we live. How we do anything is how we do everything. The more you enjoy, the richer you become.”

It is an absolute delight featuring bright, and playful color of the brand and the flavor. These colors create a desire in consumers by the image of welcoming and mouthwatering.